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Charm Necklace Designs

A charm is an ornament meant to be attached to a bracelet and to hang from the wrist. A charm is usually smaller than a pendant. Nowadays, charms are worn around the neck instead of wrist and definitely adds charm to the ornament and the person who adorns it, hence the name! Charm necklaces are available in various types, like tree of life charm, Pandora charm, floral charm like jasmine charm, customized letter charm to name a few. Check some charm necklace designs here:

Charm Necklace Designs|Letter Charm
Letter charm Necklace
Charm Necklace Designs|Moon Charm|Star Charm
Moon Charm Necklace
Charm Necklace Designs|Letter Charms
Customized letter engraved Charm Necklace
Charm Necklace Designs| Customized charm pendants
Charm Necklace Designs in Gold
Charm Necklace Designs|Star Charm
Star Charm
Charm Necklace Designs
Charm Necklace
Charm Necklace Designs|Tree of Life charm
Tree of Life Charm
Charm Necklace Designs|Tear drop charm
Drop charm
Charm Necklace Designs|Pandora charm
Pandora charm
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