Armlet/ Bajuband

Peacock Design Bajubands/Vankis

Marked with traditional and mythological themes, the baju band is a great piece of ornament that is usually worn on the arms to make a style statement. Different from bangles, the bajuband is an accessory that is worn to accentuate a modern sleeveless dress or a traditional attire. The bajuband, due to its varied designs and style, tends to lend a rich and royal look to the wearer.

Of all the designs in bajubands, peacock design still remains favorite for many women. These are heightened with modern touch and is trendy these days. See these lovely colorful bajubands

1.Antique peacock design vanki

2. Bajuband with golden feather

3. Enamel finish colorful bajuband

4. Grand antique two peacock vanki

5. Golden striped peacock design vanki

6. Magnificient bajuband with rubies, emeralds and pearls

7. Stylish and elegant peacock vanki

8. Stunning bajuband with stylish curves

9. Simple bajuband in white stones

10. Chain styled two faced peacock vanki

11. Majestic bajuband with precious colorful stones

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