Traditional beaded jewellery found in India includes wide-ranging styles. India has a range of mala jewellery designs worn and designed differently. One such style in beaded jewellery is the gundla mala or gundla haram design. These Beautiful Golden balls necklace also called gundla haram, is most common traditional jewelry design of Kerala. Even though it is a traditional design, it is trendy and eye catchy and very popular all over India. Browse through different beautiful patterns here.

1.Beautiful Gundla Haram with Mango Pendants

Gundla Maala with floral Side Pendant

Five lined Gundla Haram with Antique Pendant studded with bright stones

Simple two line Gundla Maala with small pendant

Multi lined Gundla Haaram with three circular round pendants

Finely crafted three line gundla maala with lovely floral side pendants

Long Gundla Haaram with Emerald pendant

Charming Gundla Maala with Peacock Pendant

Antique design Gundla Maala necklace with Nakshi balls and Floral pendant

Colorful long gundla haaram with lovely square pendant

Small beaded Gundla haaram with two peacock side pendants

Grand Gundla Maala long necklace with sparkling side pendants

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