We all know that Choker necklaces are the most common choice for a bride. A choker necklace can effortlessly amp up bridal look and give a grand appeal. Chokers are a timeless piece and can never fade out of style. But does it mean, we have to restrict ourselves from unwrapping other options? Well, if you are someone who would like to try something different and steal the show, this post is for you.

Fine polki necklaces that are sheer opulence

While a choker necklace reinstates its place as a must-have in your jewellery box, there is an array of bridal necklace styles to choose from. Be it princess necklaces or collars, rani haars or rajputi haslis, you can try them all. Take a look through our favorites, spot your favorite one!

Double-stranded haar adorned with polkis
Temple-jewellery inspired layered necklace outlined with basra pearls!
Heavy bridal necklace woven with polkis and rubies.
Princess necklace crafted with an intermix of polkis, kundan, pearls and meena.
Rectangular shape traditional aadh necklace
Layered haar ornamented with glimmering precious stones
Fusion of a panchlada & a statement polki necklace
Vintage and classy portrait necklace
Lovely three layered pastel emerald haar

Vintage princess necklace with bright emeralds
Multi Stranded Kundan Necklace
Kundan & beads collar neckpiece and Dainty pearl strings
Chunky huge necklace and Multi-sized polki sets
Bib-style pearl necklace and Broad jadau haar
Jadau collar neckpieceĀ and Diamond polki haar
Stunning combo of princess necklace and rani haar
Swarovski and polki encrusted necklace that has a charming retro appeal
Enameled Kaante Necklace with lovely hues
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