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Vajra Jewellery

Vajra means diamond in Kannada. Vajra jewellery is an expensive piece of jewellery, which exhibits royalty. Diamond jewellery is also of varous types, like uncut diamond jewellery which is more economical compared to fine jewellery. There are jewellery made of full diamond as well. Check out Vajra jewellery designs here:

Vajra Jewellery Types

Big diamond jewellery

The design here looks regal and trendy with those extra large uncut diamonds.

Vajra Jewellery

Uncut Diamond Jewellery

These real diamonds are also referred to as polki and they are not given the fine cut of actual diamonds, hence they lack the actual shine of real diamonds. Nevertheless, they are expensive and a perfect choice for bridal jewellery.

Fine Diamond Jewellery

These fine diamonds undergo the perfect diamond cut and are very expensive due to their shine and cutting cost. They are elegant and never go out of trend!

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