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Ram Lalla Jewellery | Ayodhya Ram Mandir

Ram Lalla Jewellery

Lord Ram Lalla has been adorned with beautiful silk attire and full of gold and diamond ornaments from head to toe. The first jewellery, which is the Lord’s crown has been aesthetically designed by HSJ jewellers and the importance has been narrated in detail by the jewellery maker.

Ram Lalla Jewellery in Detail:

Mukut or the Crown

The first amongst Ram Lalla jewellery is the Mukut or the Crown and is considered to be the most auspicious and sacred jewellery of the Lord. The Mukut has the Sun god in the center since the Lord hails from the Suryavanshi family ( Sun’s descendent). Peacock, the national bird of India has been engraved on the Mukut along with Fish symbol as well, which represents the state symbol of Uttar Pradesh. Further the crown has three winged extensions; one in the center and two on either sides having rubies and big sized emeralds representing royalty.


Ram Lalla Jewellery

The Lord’s Tilak is also made of dazzling diamonds and rubies and the significance of this is, henceforth on the day of Ram Navami, the sun’s light falls exactly on the center of tilak at sharp 12 pm and rises above along the ruby line for another 5 minutes.


Ram Lalla Jewellery

The Lord can be seen wearing layers of necklaces also known as Haar. Lets check them in detail:

1.The first necklace is a choker, a neck jewellery. Lord Lalla’s jewellery is made of big ruby and pearls.

2. The second necklace is a broad short necklace, which is also made of gold, ruby and emeralds. The design has sun god in center just like mukut surrounded by ruby flowers and emerald drops.

3. The third haar is a beautiful panch lada haar. Panch lada haar comprises of five layers represnting the five elements of the universe viz earth, water, fire, air and space. The panch lada haar is also made of diamonds and emeralds.

    4. The next necklace is a long Necklace or the Vijay haar, which indicates the victory of the Lord . It is extended till the feet of the Lord. The haar has been made of 3 motifs which is used through out the haar. The motifs consists of Chakra or the wheel, lotus and kamandal. The center pendant is said to be made of 5 precious flowers which is Kund or jasmine, Lotus, Tulsi, Parijath and Champa flower.

    Waist Belt or Kamarbandh

    The waist belt or the kamarbandh is also made of emeralds and rubies along with hanging pearl chains.

    Armlets and Bangles

    The Lord wears a beautiful gold bajubandh, which seems to be not visible in the picture. The huge Kada bracelets also matches with the design of the second necklace.

    Bow and Arrow

    The bow and arrow are also made of full gold. It is said that about 23 carat of gold has been used to make the bow. which means, about 600-700 grams of gold has been used to make the bow weighing 2.5 kg.

    Apart from these gold jewels, the team has also offered toys made out of silver to Lord, since the Lord is said to be an infant.

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