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Shanku Chakra Locket Designs

Shanku and Chakra are sacred emblems of Hinduism and mainly two important weapons of Lord Vishnu. These two symbols have a great religious importance in Hinduism. So let us know more about their significance.

Significance of Shanku and Chakra

Shanku/Shankh means Conch shell, which signifies the OM sound, the sound that signifies the creation of universe. The Chakra, meaning wheel or discus represents the time that brings about all the changes and transformations. The Naama or the Tilak of Lord Vishnu is represented by two vertical white lines symbolizing the feet of Lord Vishnu and the center red line symbolizing the compassion of Goddess Lakshmi.

Insipired by the Hindu ritual elements, the Shanku and Chakra along with Tilak are used as pendants in gold necklaces. Check out designs here:

Shanku Chakra Locket Designs

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