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Dholki Necklace Designs

Dholki is a Marati word that refers to a two headed hand drum, hence the necklace made using drum shaped gold beads or motifs is known as Dholki necklace. This jewelry is popular in the state of Maharashtra and is one of the traditional jewelry used in this region. Traditional Dholki necklaces are usually made of gold dholki beads motifs. The dholki gold beads are now combined with green, red or black beads to give it a new look and also making it economical. While the beads dholki necklaces are more trending, the traditional full gold dholki necklaces can never be out of style when matched with the right attire!

Dholki Necklace Designs in Gold:

Dholki Necklace Designs
Three strand dholki gold necklace using thread
Dholki Necklace Designs
Dholki necklace with pendant
Dholki Necklace Designs
Stylish Dholki beads necklace woven together with silk thread
Dholki Necklace Designs
Thushi style dholki beads high neck choker necklace
Dholki Necklace Designs
Dholki beads gold necklace with kemp stones side pendant and earrings
Dholki Necklace Designs
Dholki pendant in mangalsutra
Dholki Necklace Designs
Samantha Ruth Prabhu in 2 strand dholki gold necklace
Deepika Padukone in Dholki Necklace
Dholki necklace in black thread
Three stand Dholki beads necklace in black thread
Dholki Necklace Designs
Dholki necklace with coin motifs

Beads Dholki Necklace Designs :

Dholki necklace
Alternating green beads and dholki beads necklace
Dholki mala
Dholki necklace with red beads
Dholki Necklace Designs
Single strand dholki beads mala with blue beads

These dholki beads can be matched with any color beads of your choice and also the pattern can also be customized as per one’s choice; like the number of strands, alternating beads and so on.

Dholki Necklace designs in silver:

Silver dholki beads necklace are trending for they are economical and goes well with both ethnic and casual wear.

Dholki Necklace Designs
Alternating gold and silver beads dholki necklace
Dholki Necklace Designs
Vidya Balan in silver beads Dholki necklace

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