The ‘Palakka mala‘ or leaf shaped necklace is traditionally green and made of gold and special green coloured glass. However, today it is available in different colours including red and blue. It usually has a matching round pendant .

A rare blend of emerald and ruby in necklace design makes Palakka Mala really enchanting. The ornament really reflects Kerala’s rich culture. Because of its elegant style palaka mala necklace defines the ethnicity of traditional Kerala gold jewellery. It is a valuable piece of jewellery of a Kerala bride.

Palakka mala adorned by Kerala bride

When it comes to jewellery, nothing beats the gold ornamnets that adorn a Keralite bride and Palakka mala is a must have! Palakka mala is available in various lengths patterns and colors (blue, red and green). Let’s have a look at the precious jewellery.

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Short palakka mala necklace


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Palakka mala necklace with hollow chain
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hollow necklace with cute palakka pendant
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Long palakka hara with matching pendant
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Choker palakka necklace

This unique palakka mala has been combined with the traditional kasu mala and gives an authentic look to the traditional jewellery piece.

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Unique red palakka hara with white stones

The tradtional jewellery has been modified in terms of color used to look it different from the original one. This jewellery has red palakkas in gold along with white stones.

Traditional Gold Palakka Necklace Designs - YouTube
Palakka hara with pearls

Well this palakka mala has pearls embedded in the jewellery along with matching palakka jhumkas .

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Palakka necklaces set with unique pendant
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Palakka necklace with matching jhumkas
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Blue palakka mala with chain
Red palakka hara

This unique palakka hara has kasu or the “coins” alternating with the palakkas or the “mango shaped leaf”.

Choker palakka hara
Multiline gundla hara palakka set
Long leaf shaped palakka hara
Long palakka hara


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