Diamond bangles have ornamented women’s wrists since forever. Diamond bangles are a symbol of prestige, prosperity and wealth. Wrists are the most visible part on an individual, because we use hand gestures in plenty; they are also symbolic of strength and courtesy. Wrists can be decorated with jewels when they help establish the human connect on a formal dinner or a romantic walk.

Young women these days have begun a love affair with diamonds, be it rings, earrings, pendants or diamond bangles & bracelets. Jewellery shoppers, who love diamonds and solitaires, love to explore, experiment and invent designs for themselves. There is no dearth of contemporary diamond bangles, traditional diamond bangles or fusion diamond bangles design or even the very delicate thin designer diamond bangles.

Here we take you through sparkling newest Diamond bangle designs that are as gorgeous as you!

Diamond Bangles in triangular pattern
Unique design diamond bangles
A line of diamonds running between rows of gold
Floral pattern Diamond bangles
Four petaled floral pattern diamond bangles
Delightful diamond bangle connected with golden curves
Gold Bangle with three diamonds in a row
Majestic floret pattern diamond bangle
Gold bangles with diamonds placed in zig zag pattern
Rows of diamonds placed in criss cross design
Leaf pattern diamond bangle
Stylish gold bangle with baby diamonds
Square cut diamond bangle in rose gold
Four petal diamond bangles in fashionable design
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