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Kasu Mala Necklace Designs

The Kasumala is an important necklace in every south Indian woman’s jewelry collection. Kasu meaning ‘coin’ and Mala means ‘necklace’. These are also known as Kasulaperu in Telugu. The Kasumala is made up of small gold coins which are so closely strung together that they overlap one another. This is the traditional Kasumala. But nowadays many stylish designs are available to meet the contemporary needs.

This is a traditional south Indian necklace which is extremely popular and has become a significant bridal choice as well. Today, Kasumalas are trending in a huge variety of designs from plain Kasu Malas, Lakshmi and designer Kasumalas.

Have a look at different styled Kasu Mala Designs here

Marvelous Kundan work Lakshmi Kasu Maala
Splendid Antique Design Kasu Mala with Rubies
Beautiful Kasu Mala Necklace with rubies and small Lakshmi coins
Traditional Kasu Mala design with closely woven gold coins
Long Light Weight Kasu Mala with Lakshmi coins and alternating rubies
Ckoker Kasu Mala Necklace with two lines of Rubies and Lakshmi gold coins
Colorful short Kasu Mala Necklace with Golden Beads
Kasu Mala Necklace woven in Red thread
Pearl Design Kasu Mala Necklace
Antique design long Kasu Mala Necklace
Delightful Kasu Mala Necklace in Black Thread

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