Today, women have affection to improve their grace and the magnificence with bangles that are accessible in exclusive forms and structures. Previously wearing bangles was a tradition. But now bangles are fashion statement.

The choice of gold bangle designs is just endless, but what all women want to buy is something that is unique!

Earlier bangles were always in round shape, however now trends have changed where young ladies like to have bangles in different shapes like oval, square, spiral,triangular etc.

Find below different unique designs that we have collated for your inspiration and ideas. Designs as simple as round spiral to an intricate of motifs makes each bangle unique in appearance that indicates the status of its wearer.

Trigular carvings hollow bangles
Chain type gold bangle
Twisted design gold bangles
Plain square pattern gold bangle
Splendid square design gold bangle with beautiful meshed design
Splendid Triangular design gold bangle with stunning diamonds
Stylish square design bangle in rose gold
Alluring combination of thin round and square bangles
Lovely triangular design gold bangles studded with diamonds
Trio bangles in 14k white, rose, and yellow gold intertwine for a mixed look that is a versatile essential
Twisted square bangle with beautiful gold carvings
Broad gold bangle with unique enameled design
See through gold bangle with striking design
Gold bangle that is heavily enameled with flowers and hearts is peculiar in its style
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