Gold Jewelry made hollow can be a great deal! It reduces amount of gold required. Lesser the gold used, cheaper the price will be. Hollow gold jewelry is embossed the same way as solid gold jewelry is. Many prefer bangles that are hollow – it works great for the design because it is not so heavy for your hand to wear and saves a lot on cost.

Hollow gold bangles are also called Pipe Bangles because of its Pipe type appearance that is empty inside. If you are browsing for beautiful Hollow Bangle designs, take a look at these bangles.

Pretty Minakari Design Hollow Bangles

Designed Beaded Pipe Kada Bangles

Peacock Design Pipe Kada Bangles studded with Rubies and Emeralds

Enamel Embossed Hollow Bangles

Hollow Bangles with Floral Design

Hollow Bangles with Embossed Design

Dual Tone Pipe Bangles

Light weight Hollow Bangles with simple design

Graceful gold design work on Hollow Bangles

Plain Hollow Bangles for Casual wear

Grand Hollow Bangles with lovely Rubies and White stones

Hope you liked the hollow bangle designs displayed above. Now, If you want to add hollow bangle in your treasure, buy them here!

Buy beautifully embossed hollow gold bangle

Buy geometrical design embossed hollow gold bangle

Buy stylish leafy pattern gold hollow bangle

Buy artistically crafted trendy hollow gold bangle

Buy striped design hollow gold bangle

Buy creative twisted hollow gold bangle

Find more designs here

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