Maharashtrian Tode bangles are curved structured bangles that is a pride of a Maharashtrian woman. These traditional bangles made in gold are usually heavy and also referred as Gahu Tode bangles. They are now available in pearl known as Moti Tode and also in traditional Kolhapuri Thushi style known as Thushi Tode . Check out Tode bangle designs below.

Maharashtrian Tode Bangles
Traditional Maharashtrian Tode Bangles
Intricate designer Tode bangles
Moti Tode Bangles
Gahu Tode Bangles
Antique finish Tode Bangles
Pearl Tode Bangles
Heavy Gold Tode Bangles
Latest designer Tode Bangles
Traditional Gahu Tode Bangles
Latest Tode Bangles (Source: Padmakshi Jewellers)

Madhuri Dixit wearing traditional Maharashtrian Tode Bangles from PNG Jewellers :

Madhuri Dixit wearing Tode Bangles
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