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Dashavatara Necklace Designs

Dashavatar Necklace Designs

What does Dashavatar mean?

Dashavatar refers to the 10 forms or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The word Dasha means ten while avatar means form, hence the name Dashavatar. The ten forms of Lord Vishnu will be explained in detail below:

  • Matsya Avatar – This is a half-fish and half-human form
  • Kurma Avatar– This is a half tortoise and half-man form.
  • Varaha Avatar – Varaha is a half-man and half-boar form.
  • Narasimha – This is a half lion and half-human form.
  • Vamana – This refers to dwarf Brahmin.

Parashurama – This avatar is Rama with Axe

Rama – The hero of epic Ramayana and a very favourite deity of Hindus.

KrishnaKrishna, a well known Hindu deity was born to end the rule of Kamsa.

Buddha – founder of Buddhism and taught people to avoid misery by following the Eightfold Path.

Kalki – yet to be born.

Dashavatara Inspired Jewellery

This jewellery depicts the ten forms of Vishnu as motifs forming a big necklace. The forms can be worn as individual pendants as well.

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