Kerala, the land of greenery and coconuts is famous for its art, exquisite cuisines, beautiful dance forms and enchanting Temple Jewellery. The traditional jewellery of Kerala is known for its artistic work. Embossed with depictions of gods and goddesses from the temples in south India, jewellery of Kerala reflects the dignity of rich Indian culture.

Kerala traditional ornaments are inspired by South Indian Temples. Almost every piece of Kerala jewellery is embossed by either deity and divine figures or floral motifs such as leaves, trees, flowers, coins, bells, etc. Nagapada Thali Necklace is one amongst the oldest Kerala jewellery designs and resembles the hood of a snake which is why it is called Nagapada Thali. It consists of green colored stones such as Emeralds. These gemstones are strung in a Gold chain. While green is the most used color, red and blue colored stones are also used nowadays.

It is similar to Palakka Mala , an another traditonal Kerala jewellery except that it consists of snake shaped motifs intead od leaves, as in case of Palakka mala. Check out Nagapada Thali necklace designs here:

Traditional Nagapada Thali Necklace
Nagapada Thali with rubies and pendant
Nagapada Thali short necklace
Red colored Nagapada Thali necklace design’
Beautiful Nagapada Thali necklace with lakshmi embellised coins(Kasu)
Simple Nagapada Thali chain
Colorful Nagapada Thali necklace
Unique Blue colored Nagapada Thali necklace
Beautiful choker necklace

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