Gundla Mala necklace is a kind of traditional beaded necklace that is found in wide ranging designs and styles. Indian jewlery has copious jewelry styles and Gundla mala or Gundla Haram is one of the popular jewelry style found in south India. Neverthless, with layered necklaces emerging as a popular necklace trend, Gundla Mala necklaces have gained popularity all over India.

Though Gundla Mala necklace is a traditional jewlery , this is very fashionable and  considered as one of the on-trend necklace design. Gundla Mala necklace looks classy on a silk saree and is much suitable for festivities and weddings. Buy such gorgeous gold plated Gundla Mala necklace here!

Buy Gold Plated three layered Gundla Mala Necklace and fashionable Earrings

Buy Gold Plated Long Gundla Mala Necklace with radiant Lakshmi pendant and Jhumkas

Buy Gold Plated Single line Gundla Mala necklace with Lakshmi Pendant and Lakshmi motif Earrings

Buy Gold Plated Maharani Gundla Mala necklace set with Kundan stones

Buy Gold Plated Fashionable Multistranded Gundla Mala Set with Jhumka Earrings

Buy Gold Plated Floral pattern Gundla Mala Necklace with Floral danglers

Buy Gold Plated Gundla Mala necklace with beautiful Corals

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