Latest Indian Gold Jewellery Designs 2023

Indian jewellery has its own charm and elegance. With modernization, the jewellery trend has also changed. While gold and diamonds still remain the obvious choice for its return value, other economical metals are also more used in jewellery since they can be used to make any kind of designs. While traditional jewellery always stays, you may check out Latest Gold Jewellery Designs of this season!

In the meantime, do check out the Traditional Jewellery Of India!

Traditional Indian Jewellery / Bridal Jewellery

Oversized Chokers

While chokers are already in trend, these oversized chokers make a perfect statement necklace for bridal wear.

Latest Indian Gold Jewellery Designs 2023

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Bold Gemstones

Latest Indian Gold Jewellery Designs 2023

Colorful bright hued gemstones are perfect for this year 2023 and the trend seems to continue for next year as well.

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Extra Long Earrings

Indian’s love for long earrings is already a known fact. But these long earrings now come in extra long sizes to make the perfect statement earrings. The pretty bubbly actress Alia Bhat has shown her love for extra long earrings time and again and here’s the proof!

Check out Alia Bhat’s earrings collection.

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Stacked Solitaire Rings

Stackable rings are when you layer and wear multiple rings together. This is a classic trend that is here to stay and is an exciting way to celebrate life’s moments. You can either wear a single stacked ring or stack multiple rings together.

Stacking Bracelets

Just like rings, bracelets also can be stacked. This makes the bracelet look fuller and broader, replacing the traditional bangle look.

Just like rings and bracelets, even necklaces can be stacked. These stackable necklaces were in trend last year and we can still see the trend this year as well. Read our blog Layered Necklace Designs to know more.

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