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Alia Bhat Jewellery Collection

Alia Bhat is the most loved bubbly girl of Bollywood. She rose to fame after her movie debut Student of the year, after which the actress has given many box office hits. Though we have seen her simple most of the times, the cute actress is also a jewellery lover. Her unique and extravagant jewellery collection is something to look out for.

Alia Bhat in bridal jewellery

Netizens are so much impressed with Alia’s bridal jewellery that, they have recreated the same look as Alia for their own wedding. So what’s so special about Alia’s bridal jewellery? Lets decode it here. Alia chose uncut diamond statement necklace with matching earrings, jhumkas and maang tikka. Her head band or the Sheeshpatti was something unique and caught everyone’s attention.

Bridal Jewellery

Alia Bhat in traditional jewellery

Alia portrayed the character of a Tamil Brahmin girl in the movie Two States and her traditional South Indian jewellery made her look a beautiful bride.

Traditional Jewellery

Alia can be seen in short gold necklace, kasu mala and vaddanam or the waist belt that completes her simple bridal look in the movie.

Alia in oversize chandbali earrings

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection | Chandbali earrings

Alia’s oversized chandbali earrings are a treat for the eyes. They stand out with traditional attire and needs no extra jewellery with them.

Alia’s Stylish Maang tikka

Maang tikkas are an inevitable part of bridal jewellery. This head band maang tikka makes her look like a pretty princess.

Maang tikka

Alia Bhat in Meenakari Jewellery

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection | Meenakri jewellery

Meenakari jewellery look beautful since they are colorful. Meenakari jewellery exhibits a hint of royalty in every piece.

Alia Bhat in Bridal Kalires

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection| Kalires

Those beautiful Kalires are prefect for a bride. Look out for more beautiful customized Kalire designs here.

Alia in Rajputi Jewellery

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection | Borla maang tikka

The pride of Rajasthani women, Borla Maang tikka is unique due to its unique circular design. Know more about Rajasthani jewellery here: Rajputi or Rajasthani Jewellery

Alia’s Nose Ring

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection

Alia looks ravishingly beautiful with all bridal jewellery in the above pic. Her oversized multi jhumka earrings, nose ring with chain and hair bun accessory stands out!

Alia‘s Bangle Collection

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection

Alia can be seen wearing wristful of gold bangles of different designs. Know more about Different Types of Gold Bangles

Beautiful Finger Ring Collection of Alia

The pretty actress can be seen wearing similar rings in all fingers and an exclusive big cocktail ring.


Alia Bhat Jewellery collection | Oxidized silver jewellery

Alia has good collection of jhumkas of all types. In the above pic, Alia can be seen in oxidized silver jhumkas. Check out more oxidized silver jewellery collection here.

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Alia in Diamond Jewellery

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection | Diamond jewellery

Check out more diamond necklace designs here.

Hoop Earrings

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection | Hoop earrings

You may like similar hoop earrings in gold.

Big Studs

Alia Bhat Jewellery collection

Everyday studs are smaller and easy to wear, while these big studs suits best for occasional wear.

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Big ear studs
Big stud earrings
Hoop earrings
Hoop earrings
Rajputi Jewellery | Borla Maang tikka
Borla Maang tikka
Nose chain
Nose chain jewellery
Pastel Jewellery
Pastel jewellery
Traditional Kasu Mala |Sheeshpatti
Traditional Kasu Mala
Traditional Kasu Mala

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