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Mango Mala Necklace Designs

There is nothing that matches beauty of seeing jewellery with the most cherished Mango design. Everything from our grand sarees to our daily wear earrings, bangles, and gold bracelet designs has that distinctive mango pattern. It could be combined with rubies, emeralds, or corals or it could be pure gold, but the mango design gives us the profound, accustomed luxury anytime.

Also, it is said that that mango is a wish-fulfilling fruit that plays an integral role in many Hindu myths and legends. That’s why mango motifs are widely used in Indian designs.

Mango mala necklace are also favorite Bridal jewelry especially in South India. It is also known as ‘Mavinakayi Addigai’. These can be layered with other antique jewelry for a gracious look.

Look at these different styles Mango Necklace designs

Magnificient long mango maala necklace with rubies, emeralds and pearls with an antique pendant
Antique short mango necklace with rubies in nakshi style
Long Mango Mala necklace with colorful stoves and uncut diamonds
Long mango mala and choker mango mala with alluring pendants with dangling pearls
Traditional Mango Mala necklace with graceful Lakshmi pendant and colorful beads
Traditional flamboyant short mango necklace with peacock design pendant
Pachi mango necklace with charming green emeralds, uncut diamonds and big pearls
Adorable and stylish necklace with small a cute floral pendant
Exquisite long mango necklace with colorful cute gemstones
Light weight pretty mango necklace in complete gold
Stylish designer piece mango necklace which is unique and sophisticated
Antique mango mala necklace made of kundans and gemstones with a grand pendant
Magnificient deep nakshi design mango necklace in antique finish
Kerala style beautiful mango necklace in complete gold
Chic kind mango necklace having stylish imprints and that is combined with oval rubies
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