Kerala, popularly known as God’s own country is very rich in its culture and traditions. From being a hot tourist spot mainly for the backwaters to its traditional kasavu sarees or its rich gold jewellery, Kerala is very popular state of our country. Keralites are highly obsessed with gold as it is deep rooted in the state’s culture. Jewellery purchases are driven by tradition, festivals and other important family and societal occasions. A large part of purchases are for weddings, where gold is an essential part of the dowry.

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Short Elakkathali gold necklace

Elakkathali is one such important jewellery which forms an essential part of Kerala bridal jewellery collection. It is a heavy choker necklace made of pure gold plates that are weaved together which forms a thick chain giving a stunning art work.

Check out Elakkathali designs here:

Dazzling Kerala Elakkathali
Broad Elakkathali necklace
Fashionable Elakkathali choker necklace
Kaliyoonjal Stone Elakkathali
Elakkathali choker necklace
Elakkathali choker necklace
Nagapada Thali design Elakkathali necklace

Beautiful Kerala bride wearing Elakkathali:

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