Hear the name Sonakshi Bose, all ears and eyes get alert and think of their favourite on screen couple Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes popularly known as Devakshi in the super hit television serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi! While the third season of the popular TV drama has gone on air recently, the first two seasons are still the favourite amongst many youngsters as they still watch them repeatedly. Sonakshi Bose, who belongs to a Bengali family in the show has left her fans impressed with her Bengali language, where she addresses Dev as ” Mr Abodhro” and the Bengali attire that she wears occasionally. One such occasion was the couple’s wedding in which Sonakshi slayed the perfect Bengali look .

Sonakshi Bose in Traditional Bengali Bridal Attire

Erica Fernandes in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Erica looked ravishingly beautiful as a Bengali bride and carried off the traditional Bengali attire perfectly with red Banarasi saree, red lips, large red bindi, a white Mukut and traditional gold jewellery!

Traditional Bengali Jewellery includes:

  1. Shonar Mukut or The Crown : Its a crown which is either usually made of gold. It can be artificial one too and worn as by a bengali bride on her head for wedding.
  2. Tikli and Tiara : A Tikli or a Maang Tikka is a very frequent Bengali bridal jewelry item. A Tiara or a Matha Patti complimenting the Tikli helps to hold the veil in vicinity
  3. Nolok- The Nath : The big nose ring with chain is worn to complete the bridal look.
  4. Kaan Bala, Kaan pasha or Jhumko for ears : As the name suggests, kaan bala is a traditional bengali earing that is usually in shape of an ear with jhumka earring. Erica chose to wear the chandbali style of earring with jhumko which also is a earring worn by Bengali brides.
  5. Chic – The Choker : The choker necklace is a broad piece of neck jewelry . Dr Bose aka Erica wore broad choker necklace made of gold beads and stone
  6. Saath Noli Haar- The Layered Necklace : The seven layered traditional gold necklace is worn below the choker and is usually a jewellery inherited from the groom’s family.
  7. Ratanchur : It is piece of hand jewellery that is also known as haath phool or hand chain.
  8. Shakha, Pola &  Noa – The Three Bridal Bangles : Shakha (Conch shell bangles), Pola (Coral bangles) and Noa (Gold plated iron bangle) these are the three surely vital components of Bengali bridal jewellery

Other than the wedding, Erica was seen in minimal jewellery in the show. Lets check out some of sonakshi’s casual jewellery in the serial.

Mrs Dev Dixit in Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi

Post marriage, Erica was seen in simple 2 layered mangalsutra with gold pendant and kashmiri dehjoor style earrings.

Check out stylish mangalsutra design here:

Devakshi in KRPKAB

Sonakshi wore chandbali earrings most of the times. She can even be seen wearing multilayer polki necklace.

Sonakshi Bose in simple beaded gold necklace and big chandbali earrings
Erica in designer kundan jewellery
Dr Sonakshi Bose in layered imitation kundan jewellery
Ms. Bose in oxidized silver layered statement necklace
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