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Lakshmi Kasu Bangle Designs

Lakshmi bangles typically made of elaborate gold coins is again common to all religious groups. Hindus, however, have motifs of Goddess Lakshmi on their coins. Kasu mala bangles are liked by many women which is made with many gold coins stacked close together. This is a traditional bangle style. These bangles look more grand when studded with beautiful colorful stones.

Lakshmi bangles are available in many styles like plain kasu bangles with Lakshmi imprinted on coins, double stacked coin bangles, temple design Lakshmi bangle, Lakshmi kasu bangle studded with colorful stones, Ashta Lakshmi bangles which has eight forms of goddess Lakshmi, coin bangles with white stones and many more.

Traditional Plain Kasu Bangles
Double Stack Coin Bangles
Antique Design Lakshmi Gold Bangles
Lakshmi Coin bangles with colorful stones
Lakshmi Gold Bangles with white stones
Ashta Lakshmi Gold Coin Bangle

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