The attraction for Indian jewellery goes back to our ancient age. The earthly subsance used to make the traditional necklaces changed in time from ivory, copper to gold and diamonds. Though designer necklaces are in craze, antique jewellery is here to stay for its symmetrical design and orderly progression. One of the traditional forms of necklace is the Kante necklace design. It is also known as “Hasli” in Rajasthan. Kanti necklace designs are similar to chokers which are famous latterly.

Here we list adorable antique kante necklace, nakshi design kaante necklace, diamond kaante necklace, simple kaante necklace, modish kaante necklace, guttapusalu kaante necklace and many more.

Antique Kaante Necklace

Wheat grain design Kaante necklace with closed setting diamond pendant
Combination of a choker and Kaante necklace in Temple jewelry design
Floral carving Kaante Necklace with a divine Lakshmi pendant

Diamond Kaante Necklace

Peacock design diamond Kaante necklace with a striking pendant having square cut emerald
Stunning diamond Kaante necklace with a magnificient pendant

Guttapusalu Kaante Necklace

Pretty guttapusalu style Kaante necklace with ruby florets
Adorable Kaante necklace with delightful Lakshmi pendant

Kaante Necklace with Chandbalis

Deep nakshi design Kaante necklace with a lovely chandbali pendant having big south pearls
Kaante necklace with colossal chandbali pendant with black tinge in gold
Beautifully set chandbali artefacts embellished in florets

Kaante Necklace with Pearls

Elephant motif antique kaante necklace garnished in pearls
Abyssal nakshi design Kaante necklace in peacock motifs

Colorful Kaante Necklace

Flamboyant guttapusalu style Kaante necklace with glamorous pendant
Floral carving Kaante necklace with meenakari style pendant
Pleasing Kaante necklace with vibrant gemstones and fine nakshi work

Classy Kaante Necklace

Exquisite nakshi work kaante necklace with a magnificient floral pendant
Good looking Kaante necklace with Jhumka design pendant
Simple Kaante necklace with a striking antique pendant

Modish Kaante Necklace

Twisty Kaante necklace with a lovely pear shaped pendant
Antique finish Kaante necklace in black gold with lotus motif pendant
Traditional yet stylish Kaante necklace with sublime nakshi work in floral patern
Elephant motif stylish kaante necklace with capped ruby pendant
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