Antique gold jewelry are specifically oxidized to get a matte finish and a dull grimace giving them a relic yet royal look. Of late, this has been the most cherished jewelry for Indian women in all categories.

There are many designs available in Antique gold bangles , but broad and grand bangles are rather prevalent. Antique bangles are grand testimony to Antique workmanship, you can adorn it on any special occasion like weddings, family functions or festivities. You can pair these bangles on Indian wear and flourish the Indian in you!

Bring home the Indian tradition and heritage. Browse here for the latest antique bangles designs:

Exquisite antique bangles in black gold with stunning oval emeralds and floral carvings
Magnificent antique gold bangles with fine carvings having elephant and floral carvings
Traditional antique gold bangles with swirl designs on either side holding a beautiful pattern studded with rubies
Elegant wheat grain design antique gold bangles with colorful gemstones
Good looking marquise cut pink sapphire bangles
Broad antique gold bangle with pear shaped bright emerald
Antique gold bangle in Kundan work with modish gold carvings
Broad gold bangles with splendid design and golden balls with bright rubies
Enticing deep nakshi peacock design bangle with bright pink rubies
Adorable floral pattern antique bangle with fine carvings in black gold
Broad antique bangles with lovely oval ruby fixtures
Captivating design antique gold bangles with alluring pink rubies
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