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Borla Rajasthani Jewellery/ Borla Maang Tikka Designs

The Rajasthani Borla maang tikka design is an ethnic accessory that was worn by the people of this region for thousands of years. Right from the Rajputs who ruled the land, with kingdoms and palaces, with heirlooms and thrones, of queens and princesses – the borla maang tikka was a celebrated accessory.

Borla Rajasthani Jewellery
Traditional Rajasthani Borla

Unique Rajasthani Borla Maang Tikka Designs for bridal wear:

Nowadays, the traditional Borla maang tikka has become a bridal favourite and is not just restricted to a Rajasthani bride! From simple Borla tikka to Elaborate borla maang tikkas, these matta pattis are available in gold, kundan, pearls, enamel designs and more. While the regular maang tikkas fall flat on the forehead, these maang tikas differ from regular ones because of its round shape!

Simple Borla Designs

Try this simple single stranded traditional Borla or Borla with simple pearl chain!

Rajasthani Borla Maang Tikka
Simple Borla Maang tikka
Rajasthani Gold Borla
Simple yet elegant Rajsthani Borla in Gold.

Hairband style Borla Maang Tikka

Flaunt your Borla jewellery with unique designed matha patti worn in hairband style.

Aishwarya Rai as a Rajput princess with Borla headband
Hairband style Borla matha patti
Beautiful Borla matha patti

Exquisitive Kundan and pearl Borla Maang tikka

Pearls and kundan stones are an inevitable part of jewelry. These mata pattis with kundan stones or pearls gives a regal look

Borla Maang tikka with kundan and pearls
Simple two line kundan Borla jewelry
Beautiful pearl and Kundan Borla Maang Tikka
Kundan and pearl floral design maang tikka

Elaborate Borla Maang Tikka

These elaborate maang tikkas for bridal wear definitely stands out!

Elaborate kundan pearl chandbali maang tikka with Borla design
Elaborate kundan borla maang tika with emerald drops
Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati with heavy Borla tikka

If you like any of the above designs, buy similar ones here:

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Simple Borla Maang Tikka
Bridal Pearl Borla Maang Tikka

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