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Cool Jewellery Hacks!

Have you ever tried using one piece of your jewellery as other? In fashion, cool hacks and tips are welcome! If you are thinking what is this hack all about, its just using your necklaces as Nethi Chutti!

You might be wondering how it would look , or how to do it at this moment. Well, if you have a necklace with a beautiful pendant, you can easily transform them into maang tikka. Just pin the loop to the sides of your hair. Make sure you use bobby pins and then straighten out the pendant so that it is in the centre. Your Nethi chuti is ready!!

Have a glance at these beautifully converted Netti Chuttis, am sure you will get more ideas for yourself.

Heavy chandbali as a maang tikka. 
Single line beaded necklace as maang tikka
Broad antique necklace as maang tikka
Big beaded necklace as maang tikka
Delicate diamond necklace as nethi chutti
Colorful beaded necklace as maang tikka
Multiple layered beaded necklace as nethi chutti

Hope these hacks makes you look at your jewelry in new light!! Hope you try this trick!

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