Bracelet-style mangalsutra is the newest fad that deserves your attention. It is the auspicious black and gold beads bracelet that are preferred by modern women instead of mangalsutra chain. Some of them even wear this instead of a normal bracelet or a bangle. This has been liked by many young ladies and makes a fashion statement. Bracelet mangalsutras look fine and dandy on western attires as well.

See more ideas about latest Karimani/Mangalsutra bracelet designs that exhibits exquisiteness and beauty. Every design is unique with pioneering concepts and intricate craftsmanship. The bracelet design features gold and black beads in various patterns to reveal its unsurpassed beauty. What makes it further alluring is the contemporary look yet using the evergreen motifs in the designs.

Lovely Karimani Bracelet with square pendant
Lotus Pendant Karimani Bracelet
Beautiful Floret Karimani Bracelet
Two lined Karimani bracelet with heart dollar
Lariat Mangalsutra Bracelet
Leaf Pattern Mangalsutra Bracelet
Striking Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet
Mango pattern Karimani Bracelet
Pear shaped Karimani Bracelet
Star Design Mangalsutra Bracelet
Mangalsutra Bracelet with Finely Carved Pipe design and a golden ball
Mango design Enameled Mangalsutra Bracelet
Stylish Karimani Bracelet with black beads on one side and gold beads on other
Karimani Bracelet with a Big Pearl
Delightful Heart shaped Karimani Bracelet
Gorgeous Heart Design Karimani Bracelet
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