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Crystal Bracelet Designs /Natural Healing Crystal Bracelet Designs

Crystals are semi precious stones that are believed to have natural healing power that helps to protect, cleanse and remove negative energy. With its growing popularity, these natural healing bracelets are providing alternate solution for keeping one’s mind and body relaxed along with yoga, meditation and other relaxing techniques.

Natural Healing Crystal Chakra Stones

While there are hundreds of crystals that are available, we list you the most popular natural healing crystals that are prominently used.

Top 20 Natural Crystals for Bracelet

Sl no.Crystal nameCrystal colorCrystal healing propertyImage
1AmethystPurple & violet tone quartz crystalHelps in healing mind, soul and body
Helps in critical thinking and problem solving
2Rose quartzPinkHelps in relationship maintenance
Helps in emotional healing
3Citrine BraceletYellow/Light orange tone clear quartz crystalHelps in overall happiness, physical well being and building positive energy
4Black tourmaline Black(can also be very dark blue, green or brown)Helps in increasing feeling of security and balancing the mind
5JadeGreen Helps in harmony, fertility and skeletal healing
6JasperBrown color with dark spotsHelps in better healing by soothing the mind and increasing stability
7 Tiger EyeYellow/ brown with stripes and shineHelps in overall protection of mind & body by reducing stress
87 Chakras crystal chipsMulticolorHelps in better harmony in life by balancing the 7 chakra points or energy points in the human body
9Auralite 23
(rare form of Amethyst)
Purple or violet toneHelps in healing whole body due to its 23 elements
10ApatiteShades of blue, green, turquoise, yellow & goldHelps in healing heart
Helps in psychological balance
11KunziteLight pinkHelps in clearing aura & emotional healing
12AquamarineLight blueHelps in stress relief
13Lapis LazuliBlueHelps in self awareness and building better immunity
14MoonstonePearl or milky whiteHelps digestive system & overall healing
15Aventurine Mint greenHelps in balancing blood pressure & lowering cholesterol
16FlouriteColors varying from violet and blue to yellow and greenHelps in boosting self confidence & building better respiratory system
17AmazoniteShades of blue & green (with white & yellow hues)Helps in calming the brain & nervous system
18AngeliteGlacier or lilac blue
Helps improve spiritual awareness
19AgateShades of brown & white with stripesHelps in better concentration & security
20Rutilated Red Copper QuartzRed copper tone with needle like inclusions of rutile insideHelps in bringing positive energy & overall well being
Natural Healing Crystal Bracelets

More Crystal Bracelet Images here:

Celebrities who swear by Crystal Bracelets for Good Luck!

Famous Indian Producer Ekta Kapoor wearing Crystal Bracelets
Heidi Pratt in Crystal Bracelets
Kim Kardashian in Crystal Bracelets
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