Tourmaline is a natural, colourful, semi-precious gemstone of the Cyclosilicates mineral group. It is found in a variety of colors ranging from black, brown, red, pink, purple, yellow to green, colorless and even bi color.

The brilliant variety of colors available in Tourmaline distinguishes it from other gemstones. It is characterized by the fact that no two tourmalines can be found in identical colors. Each stone has its own vivid shade to reflect. It is because of this lovely inherent property that Tourmaline is fondly used in jewelry.

An evening and a beautiful gown, a date and fantastic western attire – what jewelry would you like to put on? Tourmaline jewelry is a bizarre! They look modish and available in plentiful colors, you can easily find one for any attire you choose. Roll over to see beautiful Tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline Necklace

What are watermelon tourmalines and why are they unique? | The Jewellery  Editor
Green and Gold Tourmaline Necklace. Unique Tourmaline Jewellery.
Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace in Gold Filled, Green Tourmaline Slice  Necklace, One of a Kind - Valltasy

Tourmaline Earrings

Green Tourmaline Chandelier Earrings. Designer Tourmaline Earrings.
Michal Negrin flower chandelier earrings (blue mix) - Jewellery from  Bijouled UK
Aerial pink tourmaline and diamond earrings in rose gold | Shaun Leane |  The Jewellery Editor
Deco Bi-Color Tourmaline Earrings - Coffin & Trout Fine Jewelers
Tourmaline Earrings as seen in the Times Magazine Christmas Gift Guide.
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