India holds its pride in jewelry dating from ancient times. In the olden days, where there were many temples and these temples had beautiful sculptures and figurines of gods and goddess. This inspiration was drawn into jewelry and had these motifs in necklace, bangles, earrings etc.

Through the ages, Indian jewelry has seen lot of modernization and revolution. But, even today that which pervades and is close to a woman’s heart is antique temple jewelry. Temple jewelry is an essential jewel especially in a South Indian bride. A bride decked up in antique jewelry like Lakshmi haara, mango haara, kaasu maala, antique bangles, peacock daabu, antique bajuband and temple earrings look no lesser than a divine goddess. In this post, we have collected beautiful Lakshmi earring designs for you, check them out.

Antique Lakshmi Gold Jhumkas

Temple Lakshmi Earring, Temple Jewelry, टेम्पल ज्वेलरी - Ram Jewellers,  Chennai | ID: 12643018973
Lakshmi Jhumkas with pearl drops
Antique Lakshmi jhumkas with kemp stones
Colorful beaded Lakshmi jhumkas
Long two step Lakshmi jhumkas
Nakshi work Lakshmi jhumkas
Lakshmi jhumkas with green and red kemp stones
Coin design Lakshmi jhumkas
Lakshmi Jhumkas
Ruby studded Lakshmi jhumkas
Lakshmi jhumkas encrusted with colorful gemstones
Unique design gracious Lakshmi jhumkas
Kuber Craft Antique Gold Plated Silver Jhumkas, Rs 350 /pair Kuber Craft |  ID: 20626475297
Pretty Lakshmi jhumkas with kemp stones
Intricately designed gold Lakshmi jhumkas
Elongated antique finish Lakshmi jhumkas
Modern design beaded Lakshmi jhumkas

Antique Lakshmi Gold Earrings

Coin motif antique finish Lakshmi earrings
Gold Lakshmi earrings with drooping pearl
Chandbali pattern gold Lakshmi earrings
Pretty Lakshmi earrings with dropping pearls
Gracious gold Lakshmi earrings with hanging pearls
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Pearl stuffed Lakshmi earrings with dangling jhumkas
Gold Lakshmi earrings with dangling gold beads
Dangling Chandbali pattern Lakshmi earring

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