From jewellery pieces that have been passed on with generations to jewellery designs catering to the latest trends, every bride looks ravishing on her wedding day with a range of exquisite jewellery.

Have you been in awe of such rich jewellery on your D-day? Then get yourself a beautiful wedding jewellery set made of Polki. No matter what the color of your lehenga-choli or saree is, Polki jewellery will exude the essence of royalty as you walk the aisle to get married.

Magnificent leaf motif polki necklace with dropping pear shaped pink garnets

What is Polki Jewelry

Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. Polki is essentially an uncut diamond that is mined from the earth in a natural way without any enhancement or lab creation. Polki is always in great demand and highly valued because of its natural form. Polki does not have a strong color of its own and therefore has an antique tinge to it.

Polki Necklace Patterns

1. Gorgeous Polki Chokers

A choker is one of the most beloved pieces when it comes to bridal necklaces. It sits around the neck gracefully and accentuates your entire look.A choker with colourful stones like rubies and emeralds add sumptuousness to it. A bridal choker is much wider as compared to the other chokers. It looks stunning on brides with longer necks.

Enchanting polki necklace with pear shaped polki danglers
Dainty polky choker with love-some giant pendant
Alluring polki choker with dangling south sea pearls
Meenakari style polki choker with bright blue beads and pearl fringes
Chandbali style polki choker with charming emeralds

2. The Royal Raani Haar

Rani haar has been enjoying a special place in the Indian bridal jewellery collection for a long time. The layered Raani Haars are very trendy and look so majestic. If you are kind of a bride who like to be adorned with grand jewelry , this one is sure for you! With these Haar you are deemed to look like a ‘Maharaani’!

Graceful polki and pearl necklace with divine Lakshmi side pendants
Imperial guttupusalu style polki choker and rani haar with beautiful emerald beads
Majestic multi layered polki necklace with stylish side pendants
Multi layered polki rani haar alternated with pearls and ruby strokes
Exotic layered polki rani haar with bold emeralds

3. The Lovesome Gulubands

The Guluband style jewelry is adored by many and is seen doing the bands in various contemporary weddings. A guluband necklace is picked by many brides because of its versatility. It suits almost everyone. It isn’t too tight like a choker or hangs loosely like a rani haar. It sits just above or on the collarbone. Therefore, irrespective of the length of your neck, you can wear it easily.

Mind blowing polki necklace with striking dark pink sapphires
Attractive polki guluband necklace with lovely green peridot gemstones
Attractive polki necklace in bright green emeralds
Adorable polki necklace with swaying pastel green beads
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