Mangalsutra chains have a special place in Indian women’s heart. It is not just a tradition, but a sacred chain that reminds her and her partner of their commitment and love. This is a daily wear jewelry for a Indian woman. Since it is a regular wear jewelry, many like to wear single chain mangalsutra for the ease of maintenance and feel. However design is something that cannot be compromised, they like to have a trendy and an adorable mangalsutra chain. We have collated such pretty designs for your reference, have a look!

Cute mangalsutra chain with a floral pendant
Tassel pattern chic mangalsutra chain
Pretty mangalsutra chain with golden balls and dangling black beads
Stylish mangalsutra chain with pear shaped pattern and golden bead
Appealing black bead chain with pipe design and small golden balls
Traditional black bead chain with religious taali
Modish mangalsutra chain in twisted chain with lovely pendant

More modish mangalsutra designs

Traditional yet snazzy mangalsutra chain with alternating beads capped with gold design
Beautiful mangalsutra chain with corals enclaving desined golden ball

More coral mangalsutra designs.

Medium length black beaded chain with different sized golden balls
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