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Antique Temple Jewellery/Nakshi Jewellery

Nakshi jewellery or Nakas is a South Indian jewellery that has detailed carvings on gold. These carving depict the ancient temple architecture like the Gods, flora and fauna. The most common design is the temple motif, followed by peacock, elephant and Lord Ganesha to name a few. Nakshi Jewellery are also referred to as temple jewellery and the recent trend of temple jewellery is just not subsiding. These necklaces can be available as a choker, long hara, waist belt, armlet, mati, bangles and even jhumki. They can vary anywhere between 20 gm to 150 gm based on the design.

Nakshi Jewellery or the temple jewellery is given unique gold polish to make it look like an antique piece. The polish is dull and gives copper like color to the final product. This antique jewellery is just like any other gold jewellery, the only difference lies in it polish where, organic black polish layer is applied to these jewelry pieces to give it an antique look after the item is made in 22K yellow gold.

Nakshi Bangles

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