Vajra Kutka is a diamond stud earring which comprises of seven diamonds in a floral design pattern held by gold. This is one of the most traditional jewellery and a Konkani bride would never fail to have this during her wedding. But as it was even a matter of affordability for diamonds are very precious and dearer, many would replace the original diamonds with white stones and get the earring done. This piece of jewellery was a must have amongst the prestigious class of society.

Vajra Kutkajodu

With all the glittering diamonds, this diamond jewellery is a Konkani women’s most desired ornament. With changing trends, this traditional diamond jewellery has undergone few changes to suit the latest demands of young girls and women. Lets check out some latest designs of this diamond ear stud.

The seven stone diamond earring surrounded by more diamonds making it look bigger and more elegant
Beautiful floral design diamond stud
Diamond stud earrings
Vajra Kutkajodu made bigger and brighter with dazzling diamonds

Such similar diamond studs are available in more patterns, but the traditional Kutka jodu still holds a prominent place.

The traditional Konkani Jewellery even includes:

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