Dejhoor is a dangler earring that hangs from the upper portion of the ear usualy using a red thread called Nairwan. It is believed to have been designed by the great Kashmiri acharyas to infuse divine strength in married women. Dejhoor which is cast in gold, is generally hexegonal shaped with a dot in the centre. It is believed to be a yantra denoting Shiv and Shakti. Yami Gautam who got recently married as per the Himachal tradition can be seen wearing the Dejhoor earrings as per the tradition.
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Check out for more Kashmiri Dejhoor earrings here:
Kashmiri married woman with the traditional Dehjoor earrings dangling using red thread called Nairwan
Gold Dejhoor earrings
Pallavi Joshi wearing Dejhoor earrings
Dehjoor earrings in gold
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