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Uncut Diamond Necklace Designs

Uncut diamond jewelry is very trendy in the recent times. Uncut diamonds are kind of raw diamonds which are not finely cut or polished. Many women like this because of their artsy look. Though bit irregular in its shape, this itself creates a unique aspect. Further, these are embellished with intriguing gemstones to give it a majestic look.

Look at these glorious uncut diamond necklaces that we have assorted here for your idea.

Gorgeous uncut diamond necklace with beautiful stand of florets, followed by circular and pear shaped strands with dangling pearls centered with peacock pendant
Floral pattern uncut diamond necklace with a radiant pendant
Magnificent uncut diamond necklace with lovely peacock pendant and dangling pearls
Splendid antique finish uncut diamond necklace with twisted beaded chain
Long uncut diamond necklace with dashing peacock motifs
Vibrant uncut diamond necklace with stunning emeralds and rubies
Graceful uncut diamond necklace in coin pattern, slightly modified to pear shaped artifacts
Bottu pattern classic uncut diamond necklace heavily studded with rubies
Exquisite layered uncut diamond necklace with flamboyant gemstones, a masterpiece
Antique jewelry peacock motif uncut diamond necklace

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