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Gemstones for each Zodiac sign

Gemstones are more than pretty ornaments. These natural beauties have power to heal, protect, relax and enhance luck. Certain gemstones are beneficial for each zodiac sign and when rightly worn, you could be benefited the most. If you want to buy a gemstone jewel which suites you the best or if you want to gift a gemstone jewel to someone, you can pick a gem according to zodiac sign. Find the right stone for you!

Aries (March21 – April19)

Diamonds: These will enable you to judge things clearly. This also enhance luck and wealth for Aries personalities.
Amethyst: Perfect for activating patience and boosting mood to make things come your way.
Emerald: Wear for protection and settling with things if gone wrong.

Taurus (April20 – May20)

Emerald: Opens up creativity and boosts self-esteem.
Rose Quartz: Beautiful stone to be worn when you want loving and caring environment.
Lapis Lazuli: Helps you think clearly and regain your lost connections.

Gemini (May21 – June20)

Agate: This brings goodness and comfort to you.
Tourmaline: Helps you focus on things and brings mental peace and stability.
Citrine: Helps you greatly when you need mood lift. Keeps your mood bright, sparkling and fresh!

Cancer (June21 – July22)

Pearls: Increase inner wisdom when you are contemplating with decisions.
Moonstone: Soothes your mood and make you feel fresh and calm.
Peridot: This heals  mental agitation and depression.

Leo (July23 – Aug22)

Ruby: Enhances warmth and generosity. You can also experience harmonious communication when this stone s worn.
Topaz: Helps clear physical blockages and also provides mental clarity.
Tiger Eye: Enhances perception and also great for psychic development.

Virgo (Aug23 – Sep22)

Sapphire: This stone lifts moods and fill you with love and warmth.
Amethyst: Promotes calmness and healing. You can wear it when you need relief from worry, stress or depression.
Carnelian: Increases feeling of security and confidence.

Libra (Sep23 – Oct22)

Opal: Wear when you need inspiration, it will help you bring out real you!
Peridot: Wear when you want to communicate what is there in your heart with clarity.
Jade: Brings balances to your finances and makes you prosperous.

Scorpio (Oct23 – Nov21)

Onyx: Helps you gain mental stability and peace.
Black Pearls: Enhances calmness and tranquility.
Garnet: Wear when you want to enhances your beauty, virility and sensuality.

Sagittarius (Nov22 – Dec21)

Turquoise: Protects against injury and enhances psychic communication.
Topaz: Wear this stone to get perfect harmonic mood.
Quartz: Assists in unifying your conflicts and facilitates communication to settle things.

Capricorn (Dec22 – Jan19)

Snowflake Obsidian: Galvanizes your sense of authority and leadership.
Garnet: Great stone for attracting wealth and social warmth.
Sapphire: Enhances your intuitive abilities.

Aquarius (Jan20 – Feb18)

Amethyst: Enhances amicable mood, helps communicate with love and clarity.
Amber: Very efficient for healing emotional injuries.
Hematite: This can be used when  you need to be focused , ordered and disciplined.

Pisces (Feb19 – Mar20)

Bloodstone: Wear when you need inner peace and stability.
Aquamarine: Assists in sorting out conflicts and gives you clarity.
Opal: This has unique comforting effect for Pisces and also improves financial status.

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