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Tourmaline Finger Rings

Tourmaline is a natural, colourful, semi-precious gemstone of the Cyclosilicates mineral group. It is found in a variety of colors ranging from black, brown, red, pink, purple, yellow to green, colorless and even bi color.

Tourmaline is believed to prevent negative energies and  helps in  balancing all the chakras. The stone can even dissolve challenging energy and negative thought patterns, transmitting them into more beneficial energy and beliefs. Check out beautiful Tourmaline finger rings here.

The brilliant variety of colors available in Tourmaline distinguishes it from other gemstones. It is characterized by the fact that no two tourmalines can be found in identical colors. Each stone has its own vivid shade to reflect. It is because of this lovely inherent property that Tourmaline is fondly used in jewelry.

Beautiful pink colored tourmaline gold
ring with diamonds
Purple tourmaline two finger ring with black stones
Diamond studded reddish pink tourmaline gold finger ring
Green colored tourmaline finger ring with diamonds
Butterfly shaped beautiful pink tourmaline finger ring
Square shaped diamond studded Tourmaline finger ring
Beautiful watermelon colored tourmaline finger ring
Colorful tourmaline stones gold ring
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