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Kerala Style Gold Bangle Designs

Kasumala is an iconic jewelry design that is both elegant and trendy. It is very popular in the form of neckpiece design that consists of gold coins imprinted with the images of deities attached. Women in South India extensively wear ‘Kasulaperu’/’Kasumala’ for various auspicious occasions. Though this is a very common necklace design, this pattern is preferred by ladies as bangles as well. Kasu (coins) in the form of bangles look ethnic yet modish. It is an antique and traditional jewelry design of Kerala and falls in the category of heavy ornaments. These are made with 22K gold and gemstones like diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds, kundan etc. embedded in it that gives a splendid look! Look at these gorgeous bangle designs.

Alternate Lakshmi Coin and Floret Bangle studded with Rubies
Traditional Kerala style plain gold coin bangles
Lovely gold bangle with Lakshmi imprinted coins and finely carved leaflets running either sides amidst colorful beads
Exquisite gold bangle with coins and oval shaped dark green emeralds
Lakshmi imprinted gold coin bangle with rubies on either sides
Screw type gold Kada bangle with coins and bright pink rubies
Charming Gold Coin bangle with Marquise cut Rubies
Broad overlapping Lakshmi gold coin bangles with red Garnets
Antique finish Lakshmi Coin bangles with bright red stones
Appealing bangles with beautiful design embracing Lakshmi gold coin and oval Rubies
Light weight broad bangle with Lakshmi goddess imprinted on it
Grand broad Kasu Bangles with pearls on either sides
Graceful coin bangles with rubies, emeralds and white stones
Screw type Coin bangle with a beautiful floret studded with rubies and emeralds in dull finish
Regal antique coin bangle encircled in white stones with parrot design

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