Elephant, by itself symbolizes strength and power. Elephant tusks are hair are used in jewellery. It is beleived that using elephant hair in jewellery gives the wearer strength and thus good health. African Mythology believes elephant to be the connector between heaven and earth. Hence wearing this jewellery lets you be in sync with the forces of the universe and makes the wearer strong, healthy and prosperous.

Apart form beliefs and facts, the jewellery looks quiet good as well because of the combination of black hair with yellow gold. Most common elephant hair jewellery are bracelets and rings, which are mostly worn by men but women can also wear them.

Elephant Tail Bracelets

Since Elephant hair is not so easily available, there may be cases where similar synthetic threads are used and given the same look as authentic bracelet. So we recommend you to buy this piece of jewellery from renowned gold showrooms, which guarantees you a certificate for your jewellery.

Elephant Tail Ring

Elephant Tail Ring Handwoven

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