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Grand Bridal Vaddanam Designs

Vaddanams are typical waist belts worn by Indians for various occasions. They are a symbol of tradition and status, especially during weddings. A Vaddanam is called with different names across different regions. In south India, they are popularly called Oddiyanams, waist belts, waist chains, etc. Up north they are famously called Kamarbandh. Waist chains are integral ornament for bride. They add the look to bride as well as elevate the looks of attire.

Check beautiful ethnic bridal Vaddanam/ Waist belt in Gold.

1. Divine Lakshmi Vaddanam with colorful stones

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Kemp Stone Vaddanam

2. Temple Design Lakshmi Waist Belt

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Antique Gold Waist Chain

3. Splendid Vaddam with ‘Doli’ design

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Marriage Procession design Vaddanam

4. Antique waist chain with rubies and emeralds

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Hip chain

5. Ethnic Temple Design Vaddanam with dangling pearls

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Gold Vaddanam

6. Graceful antique Lakshmi Vaddanam with ruby florets

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Lakshmi Motif Vaddanam

7. Delightful Temple Design waist chain in golden mesh

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Lakshmi Vaddanam

8. Master-craft peacock design waist belt with rubies

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Peacock Design Vaddanam

9. Pleasing Lakshmi Vaddanam with dangling chains holding pearls

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Chain Design Vaddanam

10. Kundan design golden waist belt with hanging pearls

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Bridal Waist Belt

11. Magnificient Gold Vaddanam studded with precious stones

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Waist Belt for Brides

12. Lovely waist belt with bright pink rubies and golden pearls

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Beautiful Ruby studded Vaddanam

13. Stylish peacock and floral design Waist Belt

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Gold Waist Belt

14. Peacock Design Gold Vaddanam in circular pattern

Bridal Vaddanam Designs
Bridal Vaddanam
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