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Lakshmi Pendant Temple Jewelry

Temple jewelry is the most loved jewelry of Indian women. Its divinity with style is that which makes everyone’s beloved jewelry. Temple jewelry looks very majestic and hence most popular choice of Indian bride. In temple jewelry, ladies like to have Lakshmi goddess embedded in the jewel. Its believed that having Lakshmi Goddess in form of gold brings lot of wealth and prosperity to the family.

Wide ranging designs and varieties are presented now. Look at the Temple Jewelry with Lakshmi pendant that we have assorted here.

Guttapusalu style Lakshmi Necklace

Eye Catching Peacock design stoned Necklace with Lakshmi pendant in Chandbali style

Mango style Necklace with antique Lakshmi pendant

Antique short necklace with graceful Lakshmi pendant

Short Necklace with Ganesha side pendants and Lakshmi pendant at center

Lovely antique Necklace with bright Rubies

Gundla Mala design with antique Lakshmi pendant

Majestic Temple Jewelry with giant pendant

Chain of Lakshmi pendants in Guttapusalu style

Magnificient Nakshi style short Temple Necklace

Choker Temple Jewelry with skilled carvings and rubies

Lakshmi Pendant long necklace united with chain of small Lakshmi designs

Gold shade pearl hara with beautiful Lakshmi pendant

Three lined Gundla Mala Haara with beautiful Lakshmi pendant

Golden beaded necklace with pleasing Lakshmi pendant

Choker necklace with Lakshmi pendants

Long Temple Haara in antique finish

Colorful choker necklace with splendid stones

If you have a gold chain and looking for ideas for Lakshmi gold pendant see here.

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