Cute Small Gold Earrings Designs

Earrings symbolize cultural identity. They are believed to have protective as well as medicinal powers. Hence in India, a baby as old as a week or two is made to get its ears pierced during naming ceremony. Ear piercing is an ancient Indian practice, which is also known as Karna Vedha. It is one of the 16 sacraments, rituals and sacrifices done to mark the various stages of human life and to signify cultural heritage and upbringing.

Earrings comes in different designs, and different countries have their own unique earring specialties. Like, in India, jhumkas are the most popular and traditional jewellery worn by the women of the subcontinent. While these suits best for occasional wear, you can try small simple earrings for everyday use. Check them out here!

Small Heart Shape Earrings

Cute Butterfly Earring Designs

Small Dangling Earring Designs

Cute Earring Designs For Kids and Women

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