Latest Gold Jhumka Designs 2022

Gold earrings are inevitable part of women’s jewellery and Jhumka earrings tops the list. Jhumkas are bell shaped earrings that makes them unique because of their shape and dangling nature. While stud earrings are commonly used for regular wear, Jhumkas are the first choice for occassional wear and bridal wear. The origin of Jhumkas traces back to ancient temples when it was used in temples.

Jhumkas are available in many varieties, with the traditional ones still having pearl and kemp stones. Gold jhumkas are now available in various patterns & designs. The traditional bell shape is also replaced by other geometrical shapes like square, triangle and more. Matt finish designer jhumkas are the latest trend of this year. Check out latest jhumka designs here!

Matt Finish Jhumkas

Matt finish jewellery have dull finish nd lack the shine or lustre. They have non reflective finish, meaning they absorb light rather than reflect them. Matt finish is also known as Satin finish or brushed finish.

Antique Lakshmi Jhumkas

Goddess Lakshmi motifs are common in jhumkas since long. The latest designs in jhumkas still have them with unique small gold beads bunch making them unique. These jhumkas are usually heavy and have antique finish, making them perfect bridal choice.

Filigree Jhumkas

Filigree is a delicate jewelry embellishment in which fine, pliable threads of precious metal are twisted or curled into a design and then soldered into a fine piece of jewelry. Filigree work jhumkas with thin gold threads were used back then, now thicker eye catchy gold threads are used instead.

Peacock Design Jhumkas

After Lakshmi Jhumkas, peacock motif jhumkas are most common. These peacock designs are used in other jewellery accessories as well. Peacocks represent beauty and also take the shape of ear, hence used in cuff earrings.

Elephant Jhumka Designs

Meenakari Jhumka Earrings

Meenakari jewellery involves coloring of ornament with beautiful colors. Meenakari jewellery is usually available in gold plated jewellery. In case of 22k gold jewellery, minimal enamelling is done.

Stylish Unique Jhumka Ideas

Stylish Light Weight Jhumkas With Weight

Light Weight Nakshi Jhumkas With Weight

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