Mangalsutra is a combination of gold pendants with sometimes black beads to prevent the couple from evil energies and spread happiness to the couple. ‘“Mangal” means holy and “Sutra” means thread. In Indian culture a mangalsutra is equivalent to a western engagement ring or a wedding bands.

According to Hindu culture, there are five signs of marital status of a woman – mangalsutra, toe rings, kumkum, bangles and a nose ring. Every region has different style of Mangalsutra designs. Here we are having a look at Konkani style Mangalsutra who mostly hail from coastal Karnataka. They usually wear Mangalsutra chains which has lot of black beads and combined with corals. Also, they usually wear long Mangalsutras.

Check out these designs.

Mangalsutra based on the culture has many names like Tanmaniya, Taagpaag, Dejhoor, Thaali, Nallapusalu, Hirumangalyam, Minnu, Manthrakodi, Mangalasutramu , Pustelu, Maangalyamu, Ramar Thaali , Bottu, Vatis, Dhaaremani, Muhurthmani, Maangalya-Sutra.

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