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Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Every region has its own style of Mangalsutra designs and other traditional jewels. Mangaloreans have a specific style where they use lot of karimani beads and corals. They usually go for moderate thickness gold chains which is good enough for daily use. Mangalsutra is very sacred and they believe it in wearing daily . Traditionally Mangalorean ladies used to wear long Mangalsutras. Nowadays, young girls prefer stylish short chains. However they have it accompanied with corals and gold taali/ gold gundu. It is believed that for different gotras, these gundus differ. For each gotra, this gundu will be of different shape and size. Many also add small Lakshmi pendant along with gundus as a sign of auspiciousness.

Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra
Black Beads closely joined by gold chains holding the karimani. This has typical corals and gold gundu at the centre.
Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra
Mushti chain styled Mangalsutra with big karimanis . This has corals with a flat taali.
Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra
Prominent gold chain with rows of black beads with coral pendant
Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra
Mangalore styled Mangalsutra with karimanis joined by gold chains and the pendant has Lakshmi coins.
Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra
Typical long Mangalorean style Mangalustra which is very popular and this long chain looks splendid on beautiful Mangalorean ladies specially in saree.
Mangalore Style Gold Mangalsutra
Alternating coral and square beads with karimanis in the end

Thus coastal Karnataka ladies prefer to wear more of karimani beads as part of their Mangalsutra. Also, long Mangalsutra chains are very popular here. Usually we find patterns like black beads closely joined with gold chains, different designs of gold chains holding rows of karimani beads, alternating chain and karimani rows, single chain and black bead alternating, long mangalsutras touching the belly and many other are very popular. Also see more coral design Mangalsutra designs here.

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