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Three Tone Rings/Tri Color Gold Ring Designs/Tri Tone Engagement Rings Design

Rings have always been considered close to one’s heart. These rings which were mainly considered to be an epitome of love, has evolved in its designs and fashion sense over the years. When it comes to gold rings, yellow is the only color that would come to people’s minds. But with changing trends, gold color also has seen changes and is now available in various colors like white (White gold), rose color (Rose gold) along with yellow (22k Gold). The various gold colors is result of metals or alloys that is mixed with gold and the ratio in which they are added.

Source: Bluestone

What is Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper. The blend of the two metals changes the color which is the result of 75 percent pure gold to 25 percent copper, which makes 18k rose gold.

What is White Gold

White gold is usually an alloy which gets its color by blending 75% gold and about 25% nickel and zinc. If stamped 18 karat, it would be 75% pure gold.

What is Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is made of pure gold mixed with alloy metals such as copper and zinc. The amount of pure gold in the jewelry depends on its Caratage: 24 Karat: 99.9% Pure. 22 Karat: 91.7% Pure

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