A south Indian wedding is incomplete without a Kasu Mala/ Kasulaperu necklace embellishing the bride. In fact, Kasumalas are a popular choice among Indian women and girls for any special and auspicious occasions like Puja, Thread ceremony and Weddings. The necklace is constructed using gold coins which are closely woven and embossed with figurines of Hindu gods and goddesses. The Kasu or the coins most often are inscribed with motifs of Lakshmi or Ram parivar. Some brides choose a short/ choker Kasu Mala necklace and match with a long temple jewel; whereas some like to wear traditional / designer long Kasu Mala necklace and match with choker necklace of different pattern. Whatever is the choice of length, nevertheless these look majestic and magnificent.

Browse through these beautiful bridal Kasu Mala necklace designs.

Long Kasumala necklace with heavy Lakshmi Pendant studded with Rubies

Short Kasumala Necklace in Gattupasalu pattern

Marvelous long Kasumala with stunning Diamonds

Lovely Kasumala Necklace with alternating rubies and emeralds

Alluring long Kasumala Necklace in Peacock motif

Multi layered Kasumala Necklace with line of pearl and golden balls joined to graceful Lakshmi side pendants

Guttapasulu Kasumala Necklace with two side pendants in red garnets

Guttapasulu Kasumala Necklace in golden beads with circular pendant

Double line Kasumala Necklace with peacock side pendants

Antique Gattupasalu long Kasumala Necklace in pearls with Lakshmi pendant

Kundan work combined Kasumala Necklace with pleasing side pendants

Regal long Kasumala Necklace in bright pink rubies

Traditional 22k long Kasumala Necklace with a pleasing Lakshmi Pendant

Designer Kasumala Necklace with a big stoned pendant on one side

Delightful Kasumala Necklace with lovely rubies

Kasumala Necklace in Multi layered pattern having strings of pearls and white stones, united with peacock side pendants

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