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Polki Bangles in Gold

Polki is basically uncut diamond which is in its pure form. Polki jewellery is made of such uncut diamonds that are not processed, hence they lack the luster of sparling diamonds. Their rustic look makes them look very regal and it can be a heirloom choice as well. Though real polki jewellery are expensive, they do not have resale value. The only value would be that of the gold used in setting the polkis. Still, polki jewellery are a great choice for they add royal vibe when you wear them!

Polki Bangle Designs in Gold

Polki Bangles
Polki diamonds set in 22K gold

The art of making polki jewellery is quiet difficult, hence it is expensive. It takes a lot of time in setting these polki stones within the intricate jewellery design. The above polki bangle set have even rubies embedded along with polki diamonds in gold and they weigh more than 70 grams together.

Polki Bangles
Designer Polki Bangles

Artificial polkis can also be used in 18K gold and they look more lustrous compared to real polki diamonds and are even less expensive. The resale value in this case would be again that of gold alone, but since the stones used in the making are less expensive, the investment would be worth it.

Polki bracelt|Gemstone bracelet|Gold bracelet
Polki bracelet in gold
gold bracelet|Polki Bangles
Heavy polki diamond kada
Polki Bangles
Polki diamond bangle set
Gold Bangles in more than 50 grams|Gold Kada|Polki Bangles
Broad polki bangle set with rubies and pearls
Polki bangles|Gold Bangles in more than 30 grams
Real polki diamond bangle set in 22K gold (Source: Nakkash Jewellery)
Polki Bangles
Big polki diamond bangle set (Source: G.K RATNAM|PRISM JEWELS)
polki bangles in gold|G.K.RATNAM|Prism jewels
Polki Diamond Tode Gold Bangle (Source : G.K RATNAM|PRISM JEWELS)
Meenakari bangle in gold| Polki Bangle
Polki Meenakari Gold Kada
Polki Diamond Jewellery|Gold Bangles in 70 grams
Polki Diamond Bangle set
Polki bracelet|Polki diamond jewellery in gold
Polki diamond bracelet set in 22K gold
polki diamonds| Gold Bangles in more than 30 grams
Polki Bangles in Gold
Gold kada|Gold bangles in 30 grams
Meenakari Polki Diamond Kada
Polki bangle set
Polki Bangles in Gold from Tanishq

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